Saturday, 30 November 2013

I'll Try

Courtesy: Google

I don't know how to make lots of money
and I have lots of debts to pay
but the few I'd have left... by the penny,
I'll use to grow today.

I'm not the best at my profession
I'm far away from the top
but from this very position,
I'll struggle my way up.

I'm not the strongest in the army
once in a while I breakdown to cry
but even of my weak story
I'll make me a hero... I will try.

I don't have all it takes to defend my own
every now and then I lose my grounds
but from what I know and the unknown,
I'll find a way to enlarge bounds.

I'm not the smartest in my class
I find it hard to assimilate
but I have been given this chance,
I'll come out good... even if its late.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Friend

Time, space, gaps and clocks
smiles, faces, trips and talks

The ship of friends set sail in the dark
on pure seas and on rivers bank

A new beginning but a timeless end
a soft feeling... I can't comprehend

From your mind's eye, you see me.
I like you, you like me.
Even as kilometers measures the distance
The miles ain't no resistance

No.. you are not my imaginary friend,
I've gone past that now.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Raped By My "Sweetheart".

courtesy google

Patiently I lay low in the meadows
Waiting for the right sized beef to stroll by
Watching with bright lit eyes even as I remain a shadow

I have been told many times to keep to the position
"Maintain your stance" she says "better days ahead"

Better days?

A year has 365 days, it has been on for years yet you say days?
I have swallowed lots of flies from my position. I must find other ways
I must wipe these tears
I must drown my fears and take on better ways

...for a moment I pause to think.

You could be right and I could just be frustrated
Your counsel sinks in right but that shouldn't make me delighted
Your words would be better by night. Then I would be ignited


Squatting at the corner of my bed I stay thinking
Thinking of the past times, past years, wondering
Pondering into the dark places that have been existing

He walks into my room sees me not here
Talking with a gentle voice as he strokes my hair
Gripped by fear,
I gasped for air
searching for solace from no where
whatever could save me right now, I don't care.

His voice gets lighter as he caresses my breasts
His third leg and emotions both standing abreast
Hate and fear stays with me. My tongue falls into my chest
I wished he was dead so I could be at rest.
I wished he was dead so I could be at rest.

The struggle starts from the bed as I fight back saying NO
Belt whips all over my back and on places I don't know
He overwhelms my struggles and pushed in low
I yell but my voice couldn't "show"
Coz I was weak and in his face all I see is a scare crow
All I see is a scare crow

An hour later he returns

Again and again
In sunshine and in rain
I have lived with this pain
could hardly count my gain
for this union is in the drain.

What do I do
I hate what I'm going through
I need a plan soon
coz it'll all end either in his or my doom.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


love me quickly
love me fast
the day rolls by
as the years run past.

bitter sweet
so it seems
my love runs deep
like coffee and cream.

singing to my love
songs that i wrote
singing out loud
singing all year round.

I love him, he loves me
he smiles, I smile back.

love me quickly
coz time runs fast
You found me at last
i saw you in the stars.

its not your cash
its just about you
everything else seems like trash
when i see you at full moon.

love me in my incompleteness
love me with my weakness.

Friday, 13 April 2012


I shiver at your blood gives me the rush.
The tunes of your voice rings deep into my dreams
as streams of sweat trickles from my head to my limbs.

You are a beauty to behold not of words told but of mine to hold,
 with u I grow old.
In you I find my you I find my gold.

You remind me of the moon that shines so bright yet do not burn.
Yet cold, in black and white u appear bold and yes..., very soothing.

I find myself confined to your arms.

Your well defined curves refine my existence.
Your irresistible lures, lures me to discover, in wonder
...however, I can't comprehend to the full end of my treasure.

The love we share is the oasis of which we care.
Lying bare on rare grounds without bounds.
 Living in the future at the very moments we picture.

I remember your first words to me; I remember your first stare.
Of course it was the "hello" and the "hi". It was the gist in between then the "goodbye".
 It was the tone of your voice; it was the gentle noise you uttered as words.

I remember our meeting
I remember our friendship
I remember our dating
I remember our courtship... like it was yesterday.

Now you are my love, my life
My friend, now my wife.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

...As it seems

I love my life and all that comes with it.
All that comes with it?...not really I must admit.
My treasures are laid in dark places,
My heart is placed on glass hands. I fear it could fall to pieces.

I’m tired of fighting for my right
My rights don't seem much these days to put up for a fight.
I can only stand and watch it fade out of sight
Fading each second like the sun chases the night.

Maybe I’m fighting for the wrong causes
I can't tell, but I’m counting just my losses
Life is sweet, same life could be mean
I love my life...I don't think I like all that comes with it.