Friday, 13 April 2012


I shiver at your blood gives me the rush.
The tunes of your voice rings deep into my dreams
as streams of sweat trickles from my head to my limbs.

You are a beauty to behold not of words told but of mine to hold,
 with u I grow old.
In you I find my you I find my gold.

You remind me of the moon that shines so bright yet do not burn.
Yet cold, in black and white u appear bold and yes..., very soothing.

I find myself confined to your arms.

Your well defined curves refine my existence.
Your irresistible lures, lures me to discover, in wonder
...however, I can't comprehend to the full end of my treasure.

The love we share is the oasis of which we care.
Lying bare on rare grounds without bounds.
 Living in the future at the very moments we picture.

I remember your first words to me; I remember your first stare.
Of course it was the "hello" and the "hi". It was the gist in between then the "goodbye".
 It was the tone of your voice; it was the gentle noise you uttered as words.

I remember our meeting
I remember our friendship
I remember our dating
I remember our courtship... like it was yesterday.

Now you are my love, my life
My friend, now my wife.