Thursday, 1 November 2012

Raped By My "Sweetheart".

courtesy google

Patiently I lay low in the meadows
Waiting for the right sized beef to stroll by
Watching with bright lit eyes even as I remain a shadow

I have been told many times to keep to the position
"Maintain your stance" she says "better days ahead"

Better days?

A year has 365 days, it has been on for years yet you say days?
I have swallowed lots of flies from my position. I must find other ways
I must wipe these tears
I must drown my fears and take on better ways

...for a moment I pause to think.

You could be right and I could just be frustrated
Your counsel sinks in right but that shouldn't make me delighted
Your words would be better by night. Then I would be ignited


Squatting at the corner of my bed I stay thinking
Thinking of the past times, past years, wondering
Pondering into the dark places that have been existing

He walks into my room sees me not here
Talking with a gentle voice as he strokes my hair
Gripped by fear,
I gasped for air
searching for solace from no where
whatever could save me right now, I don't care.

His voice gets lighter as he caresses my breasts
His third leg and emotions both standing abreast
Hate and fear stays with me. My tongue falls into my chest
I wished he was dead so I could be at rest.
I wished he was dead so I could be at rest.

The struggle starts from the bed as I fight back saying NO
Belt whips all over my back and on places I don't know
He overwhelms my struggles and pushed in low
I yell but my voice couldn't "show"
Coz I was weak and in his face all I see is a scare crow
All I see is a scare crow

An hour later he returns

Again and again
In sunshine and in rain
I have lived with this pain
could hardly count my gain
for this union is in the drain.

What do I do
I hate what I'm going through
I need a plan soon
coz it'll all end either in his or my doom.